What type of favor / novelty would be most suitable for my bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding, event or special occasion?

At most events today, be it a wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or 60th birthday party, a favor / novelty / memento of some type is given to the guests. There are a wide range of simcha, business or party favors to consider, many being original & unique in nature.

Below are some ideas or thoughts on how to decide what's suitable for your event, according to your taste & budget. Many novelties / favors can be given without customized text, but of course it makes the gift more personal (and easier to remember from whom it was received) with the addition of personalized printing, engraving or the attachment of a note.

Jewish favor / novelty:
The Jewish calendar is filled with many holidays and reasons to celebrate.
If your event is close to Purim or Pesach (Pessah), a personalized Megillat Esther or Hagaddah (Hagada) would be perfect for your guests. If you're less religious, there are many other types of favors which are related to the holidays. How about a personalized dreidel on Hanukkah, or a "blue & white" gift with flags for Israel's Independence Day (Yom Ha'atzmaut). Between the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) and Simchat Torah, personalized magnetic calendars or honey novelties are ideal. In the bencher range, there are many different types offered today, that it's not just a case of "everyone gives benchers". They come in a variety of sizes & versions, ranging from booklets and folded cards, to magnetic benchers (birchat hamazon) or placemat benchers.

Practical favor / novelty:
Are you taking your guests on an outing? How about giving them a personalized hat (cap), tote bag or water bottle holder. Other practical ideas include a personalized keychain (keyring) in different shapes or with an attached flashlight, pen with a gimmick, pen with pullout of tefillat haderech, disk on key, personalized calendar or many other original ideas.

Short-term favor / novelty:
These favors are ideal for enjoying here and now! Personalized chocolates, chocolate coins or candies are original & tasty. Some will be taken home, but many of your guests will be tempted and will eat them on the spot. Despite this, the sweet taste will linger on…

Visual favor / novelty:
These favors / novelties include a photo of the person celebrating, or of a place with a memory, with the addition of personalized text to top it off. Magnetic products are the best bet for these. Personalized magnets, magnetic calendars, magnetic bookmarks, notepads or bulletin boards. Each can be produced in various sizes or shapes to suit your needs.

Idealistic favor / novelty:
If you have a certain "cause" or charity that's special to you, this is the ideal time to show & give your support. Instead of your guests giving you gifts for your big event, how about asking them to donate a modest contribution in your honor to a local charity or association. Alternatively, you can arrange a group of friends to volunteer at an organization needing assistance. If you're pro the environment, eco-friendly personalized tote bags make a popular & practical novelty choice.

Favors that require effort:
Some novelties or favors require effort on behalf of the receiver. Taking care of a goldfish, or watering a plant that was received with a dedication. Each time they nurture or feed your gift, your event will be remembered…

A wide range of favors / novelties, with endless ideas…
We'll advise you on a favor to fit your budget, so your guests don't need to leave your event empty-handed.

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New beginnings

It seems like only yesterday that we were doing the same thing…

We're back to wrapping new school books, setting annual goals, choosing a new skill or class to enroll in, starting a new diet, choosing new household furniture, holidays to plan for….

New beginnings…

A new year begins. A year starting with so many secrets – who knows what the new year will bring?
Naturally we try to plan ahead and avoid as many unexpected, unplanned events as possible. We hope and pray for a new year of peace, serenity, good health, pleasant surprises and happiness. Despite this, the mysterious future creates waves of hope and doubt. Optimism for a better world, hope for renewal, hope for good luck and success.

Indeed, without much effort we can find a reason to celebrate – a calendar full of holidays, birthdays, weddings, bar or bat mitzvah, sheva brachot, an expected birth, a housewarming celebration, 90th birthday party, anniversary, and so on…

What a great way to start the new year with a list of events and optimism.

We should meet at simchas only!

Shana tova.
May you have a year filled with only joy, good health and happiness

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How to organize a special event by planning ahead

Have you ever organized an event? It's likely your answer is yes.

Whether it's a small event such as a family BBQ, a business event or a family wedding, organizing any event or occasion takes time and effort in order that it will be successful.

Here are some tips to ensure your event's success…

Set yourself a general budget, by thinking and planning ahead. Whilst most budgets can be stretched slightly, that's up to you. Make a list of categories that your expenses will fall into and subdivide the list even further as the big day gets closer. If something new comes to mind that you hadn't accounted for previously, see if you're able to add it to the budget. If not, see if you're able to cut out anything you'd previously accounted for.

Guest list:
You'll need to initially prepare a general list, in order to see whether this matches your budget. The smaller the event, the more accurate your original list will be. For larger events, as the date gets closer, you'll be fine-tuning your list. The atmosphere you plan on creating, as well as your budget, will determine whether you include long-lost friends or family that you've lost contact with over the years. Will you be including family or office staff that you feel obliged to invite, or will the event be limited to close family and friends only. Although a wedding is often larger than other events, remember that you'll be sharing the number of seats with the "other side", and that the couple marrying also have friends who are important for them to include, and who will "make the day" for them.

Planning a theme or color scheme does not necessarily mean you'll be adding to the expense of the event. Most caterers or halls offer a wide choice of colors to choose from for table-wear, flowers and other decor. Discussing this with them in advance will make a big difference to the visual effect of your event. Adding small extras such as a table runner, confetti, balloons or personalized serviettes (napkins) can make a difference. Any extras should be coordinated with your caterer in advance. Allocate a family member to add these to the tables once set up, or if part of the original table setting, give these to your caterer before the event. Have a friend or family member on hand before the event, to ensure that your items have been set up to your satisfaction. This way you'll arrive relaxed at the hall and not have to worry about the layout.

Everyone loves a good meal, & nothing breaks barriers more than chatting and networking over a buffet or snacks. The atmosphere you're trying to create will determine how you set up the food. Will you be hosting a more conservative crowd, or if the event is for youngsters, think about their preferences. Most caterers offer a wide choice of items. If you're not using a caterer, offer a combination of snack items and more formal foods, depending on the event. More food is usually eaten at a buffet, so you'll need to plan for extras. Take into account vegetarians or older guests who may have special needs. Decide whether salads & snack items will be placed directly on the tables, or whether you'll have a central place for them. For the main course, will you have someone serving, or will it also be in buffet style. For events with a specific theme, besides the décor and overall atmosphere, the food is the next most important item. It's wise to include a combination of salted foods, sweeter items, fried and baked goodies to make everyone happy. Usually the first complaint one hears (if any) is about the food….

Layout of the hall or room:
The hall or area where you'll be hosting the event should be planned carefully in advance. Does the area comfortably hold the number of people you'll be hosting? Is the heating or air conditioning adequate? Is the weather suitable for an outdoor event? Does the area have wheelchair access if required? Are the bathrooms accessible? How clean or attractive are they? This single factor can make or break an event. Do you need special lighting, décor or colors to create the mood or effect you're aiming for? Often insignificant items are overlooked, which turn out to be not so insignificant in the end. Seating younger guests closer to the band or dancing area is more realistic than for placing older guests, who prefer to chat undisturbed, with less noise or action around.

Novelties / giveaway gifts for your guests:
The lasting impression that a favor / novelty / giveaway gift for your guest or business gift for your client makes, can never be measured. This is often no less important than the personal experience, food or décor, and it doesn't have to break your budget. Plan your giveaway gift according to your budget, theme and the time of the year. If your family or business event is being held close to the beginning of a new year, how about giving a magnetic calendar? If it's close to a particular holiday, this opens a wide range of other options. Plan whether you'll be giving a gift per person, per couple or per family. Place your gifts in the center of the tables, or next to each person's table setting. If you're having a seated event with names and table numbers at the entrance to the hall, many gifts such as personalized magnetic bookmarks are ideal and small enough for enclosing in an envelope with your guest's name and table number on. Besides the great memory of your event, your souvenir will be most appreciated and remembered. If you're giving a business gift, your client will easily be able to find you when he / she requires your services in the future.

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